Spinray Blast Pistol: MIMB !!!


There are few toy ray guns that are more interesting, sought after, or illusive than the Spinray Blast Pistol. Made by Brewer and Armstrong of Kalamazoo, Michigan, probably in the late 1940s, this cast aluminum toy gun features nine vertical fins on the front of the barrel which is tipped with a whimsical red propeller that spins each time the trigger pulled. Since it was discovered by ray gun collectors about ten to fifteen years ago, only a handful of the guns have ever been found, and most of these are missing their propeller. So little is known about the Spinray that the name of its maker was only discovered a few years ago, engraved on the inside of the gun's casing.



Remarkably, a Spinray was recently found in its original packing. As shiny as the day it left the factory, this gun had probably never been removed from its box, which was built to tightly encase the toy so that it needed no inserts or interior packaging. On one end of the box is inscribed "One Model 650 Spinray Blast Pistol," and on the other "Spin-Ray Blast Pistol, A Brewer Product, Mfg by Armstrong, Kalamazoo 5 Michigan." Like the gun it containes, the box is also in mint condition.



Inside the box, tucked beneath the Spinray, is a small sheet of paper with directions for firing the gun and instructions about what to do if the gun malfunctioned or was broken. The note says , "To operate the Spin-Ray Pistol, gently pull and release the trigger. If at any time the pistol should fail to operate properly, return postpaid with thrity five cents to cover repairs, packing etc. We will repair and return in new condition. Manufactured by Almrstrongs, Kalamazoo 5, Mich."



The Spinray works through the use of a lever, flywheel and spring mechanism. A string, attached at one end to the trigger and at the other to a spring anchored in the bottom of the gun's handle, causes a flywheel to rotate when the trigger is pulled. In turn, the flywheel rotates a small gear which is attached to the end of a long rod connected to the propeller.



The Spinray Blast Pistol is one of the most unique and whimsical toy ray guns ever manufactured. If you have any more information about this toy please contact me.