Toy Ray Gun Prototypes

Among the most unusual and interesting toy ray guns are the one-of-a-kind prototypes which are created in the process of designing and testing toy guns before they are marketed. While some of these prototypes are similar or identical to the toys that eventually are sold in toy stores, others are markedly different from the final designs, and some are models for toys which are never produced at all. This page is devoted to presenting some of these experimental and little known creations. If you know of any prototypes that might be added here, please contact Gene Metcalf


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Louis Marx Co. Prototypes

When Marx closed its doors in the late 1970s, a large number of toys, samples, dyes, molds and prototypes were offered for sale through large auction houses. The Marx prototypes on this page were among that group and were produced in the research and development departments at the Girard, PA., factory and the Eire, PA., plant. Most of these guns are probably "test shots," made of thick and heavy plastic, and then often hand-worked for detailed finishing. Generally hollow, they were often cast in halves and then glued together. Each prototype has a model number and date (of completion?) hand painted on the butt of the gun. All of these Marx prototypes are from the collection of Dennis Merritt, who would be glad to answer any questions about them.

Girard Factory Prototype
Model #1830


Girard Factory Prototype
Model #1942-A


Erie Factory Prototype
Model #1022


Girard Factory Prototype
Model # 1843


Girard Factory Prototype
Model # 1944


"Atomic Flash" Prototype


"Rex Mars Planet Patrol"
Rifle Prototype


Prototypes by Various Manufacturers

Stevens Atomic Jet Space Police Prototype