Girard Factory Prototype Model #1942-A
Louis Marx Co.

Made of heavy red plastic and unpainted, this prototype was created with a functioning plunger to shoot rubber-tipped darts. Note the clear plastic pin on the side of the gun, which probably has something to do with the plunger mechanism. A particularly interesting aspect of this gun is the grip which says "Tom Corbett Space Cadet" on the right side and has the Tom Corbett rocket ship and lightning bolt embossed on the left side. As far as is known, this toy was never produced as a Tom Corbett item. Nor was it produced as a dart gun. Its body style, and that of Prototype Model 1830 which is almost identical, was eventually used to create the Marx Flash Gordon Water Pistol which was produced in the 1950s. This prototype is identified by a model number and date of10-14-52 which are handpainted on the butt of the gun (see below.)